Open Journal House

OJS Support Plans

Open Journal Systems (OJS) is an open source software program, and like all similar programs, ongoing OJS support is critical. provides you with professional OJS support and maintenance services, including regular OJS upgrades, backups, migration, comprehensive security monitoring, audits, and expert OJS troubleshooting.

With providing on-going OJS support and maintenance, your journal personnel will be free to focus on the editing, reviewing, and presentation of the content of your publications. Our focus is a high response rate, and making sure that your Open Journal Systems is always up and running. Our proactive OJS support team will take care of your OJS day-to-day needs, and will always be ready for any issues that may arise.

The best part is that OJS support is included absolutely free in all of our OJS hosting plans.

OJS/OMP Support Plan (Basic)

Single Journal Support

  • 1-2 Journal Installation

Multi Journal Support

  • Max 5 Journal Installation

OJS/OMP Support Plan (Premium)

Single Journal Support

  • 1-2 Journal Installation
  • 1 free upgradation/ year
  • Responsive Support

Institutional Journal Support

  • Max 6 Journal Installation
  • 1 free Upgradation/ year
  • Proactive Support