Open Journal House

Our Services

An innovative technology firm called offers top-notch services and technical assistance for online journal publishing, Open Journal Systems (OJS), and Open Monographs Press (OMP).

Using the Open Journal Systems (OJS) and Open Monographs Press (OMP) software, assists academics, research organizations, and universities in setting up online journals. In order to assist scientists, researchers, and editors in producing and disseminating digital information utilizing our journal-hosting services, we offer a number of journal-hosting solutions, guidance, and advice.

Managed hosting and installation, workflow and plugin customization, software upgrades, fundamental support, instruction, programming, and more are among our goods and services.

In order to assist publishers with the transition from OJS 2.x to OJS 3.x, we have also added OJS 3.x services.

OJS Hosting

Managed Open Journal Systems (OJS) hosting with a professionally-run server environment that includes an up-to-date, secure version of the software plus training and basic support for Open Journal Systems. 

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OJS Support

Premium Support for Open Journal Systems by providing regular monitored backup, bug fixes, security monitoring, regular upgrades, and site audit to ensure that Open Journal Systems run smoothly, effectively, and securely. 

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OJS Upgrade

Upgrading from OJS 2.x to OJS 3.x or upgrading a single/multi-journal OJS installations to the latest version in order to keep OJS secure, functioning, and up-to-date with the latest developments.

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